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Technology Independence + Seasoned Professionals
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Creative Secure Solutions focuses on two primary objectives:
  1. Helping clients reach their business objectives through effective, well-aligned technology solutions and well executed process delivery.
  2. Providing fully qualified full-time and contract based resourcing solutions.


Give us a call and let's discuss how and where we can help you reach your goals.  Our promise to you: high-value services and total satisfaction.  We guarantee it!
Where has all the talent gone?
Today, almost all of the talented experienced resources are working as independent consultants. It is very rare today for a Systems Integrator, no matter how small or large, to have an adequate internal pool of full time talented resources. Most of these organizations depend on sub-contracting independent consultants in order to deliver solutions. In many cases, you the customer, are paying for Systems Integrator mark-up PLUS recruitment agency mark-up.
Over the years of running professional services practices we have amassed a virtual team of some of the most talented independent and experienced consultants  in Canada. This team of delivery expertise, coupled with CSSI’s extensive experience in Professional Services delivery and management, provides the most compelling value and quality of service in the industry today, hands down
We can bring more value than the average System Integrator simply because we are more experienced and have less overhead to deal with than these large organizations. Also, we work only with seasoned professionals that we know and there are no agencies that we depend on.
Also unlike recruiting agencies, we design the solution, scope the project and than deliver it managing the resourcing the exact same way a high quality systems integrator would. The only difference is, we operate with far less overhead and are truly hardware and software agnostic.
Contact us:
Creative Secure Solutions Inc.
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