SINCE 2007

creative secure solutions inc

Has helped clients reach their business objectives through effective, well aligned technology solutions and well executed process delivery.

fOUNDER & ceo

Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham who has over 40 years of IT experience with the last 20 of those years in Professional Services consultancy.

  • Steve has been in virtually every role within Information technology before going on to running professional service delivery practices.
  • Uptill 2007, Steve ran professional services delivery nationally for GE Capital (4 years), Siebel Systems Canada (3 years), NexInnovations (3 years) and Acrodex (2 years).
  • Over that time, Steve has developed extensive professional services experience and more importantly deep and vast relationships with the best of the best technical and consultative resources in the country.

Core Group of Consultants

We move from project to project providing consistency and excellence in our execution. We are also the same group that provides post-implementation monitoring and support to our client base. This creates consistency and facilitates rapid triage.

This core group consists of six individuals covering:

  • Enterprise Systems
  • Security
  • Networking

Outside of this core group is an extensive list of consultants providing expertise in virtually every area of Information Technology.
When the system integrators look for help, it is CSSI that they call to pull them out of the fire.

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